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Reality Check - Not From America - Your Name Is Music (CD, Album)


  1. Jan 05,  · I used to be able to Load Music to Itunes then SYNC with WMP with searching for specific library, but WMP does NOT see any new files in the Music directory and it does NOT add any to WMP.. When I select the "Get Information from the internet" for the CD, it always get the wrong songs for a different album. What is Going on.
  2. This way, your discs arrive with enough time to be reviewed before your add date. It also keeps the stations on the same time frame for charting purposes. It’s important to note that you need quite a few stations to chart your album in the same week to make the national charts; it’s a tricky feat!
  3. Jul 24,  · Recording an album can be one of the costliest, most time-consuming parts of your music career. Making the most of a recording session takes research and advance planning. Ari Herstand breaks down the best ways to approach the recording process.
  4. Send them each an email with the details about your new album, your CD release party, and why it’s an event worth writing about. Also be sure to include a link to your music video, and a link to the press page on your website that has audio for your new album, hi-res band photos, and some notable press quotes (if you have ’em). 7.
  5. In fact, you might not need them there at all, especially if your CD or vinyl package comes with a sticker on the shrinkwrap that does have your artist and album name. You can let the internet (and that sticker on the packaging) do the magic of conveying the facts, .
  6. The Vanity 6 cd arrived right on time and it is a definite blessing to me. I only like one Track on the whole album "Nasty Girls" but that one song is so powerful and whitty that I really enjoy myself and my exercises that I do to the song. The Vanity 6 cd was a great price and it also is in good condition/5().
  7. Music Trivia-> Album Cover Themes-> No Band Name. Is the picture of the performer famous enough? Did they forget to pay the designer? Some albums don't feature the name of the performer on the cover anywhere. There are 84 covers for this theme.
  8. Expand your search results as necessary by entering the artist name in the Artist field and the song title in the Track field. Google Groups. If you have a Google account, Google Groups also has a wealth of information about oldies music where you may be able to uncover additional CD (and other album) titles not found elsewhere.