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Apache Scratchy - Kill Without A Doubt (Vinyl)


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  5. Apache Scratchie A: Girls Look Good Sly / Herbie And Gitzy B: Version: Sinbad Production Jamaica: SIN - 7" 0: Apache Scratchie A: Kill Without A Doubt [no artist listed] B: Version: Digital-B Jamaica: 7" 0: Ricki General And Apache Scratchie A: New Gun Pon Turf [no artist listed] B: Sting Rhythm: Artistic Jamaica: ART
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  7. Generally, though vinyl is a pretty tough substance, handling or storage mistakes will cause scratches to appear. While a good cleaning (see below) will help clear up many of the sins of scratches, in most cases, you'll end up with either an audible click or a skip, depending on the severity of the scratch.
  8. Sep 29,  · There are so many factors that go into this problem. You also have to worry about inner-groove and outer-groove distortion, which you really need to play the record in order to spot it. If the used vinyl store has an in-house turntable, use it before you buy. It will be a huge help in determining surface noise, and also pressing/mastering quality.
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