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  1. Unless is a personalization platform for websites, making your website respond like a human Laser target your prospects. Segment your website visitors into audiences. Group them by traits and predicted behavior. Then, adapt your story to each of these. Design like a pro.
  2. • Unless the weather improves, we will have to cancel the game. • He must have resigned, unless they fired him. • Unless you are a military fan, the Pentagon tour isn't very exciting. • You won't pass your examinations unless you study hard. Origin unless () on less than.
  3. Unless monthly pricing plans. After signup, you will go through a free trial of Unless for a maximum of two weeks or 1M pageviews, whichever comes first.
  4. Don't move unless I tell you. CK 1 He never speaks unless spoken to. CK 1 You'll never know unless you try. CK 1 He did not speak unless spoken to. CK 1 I won't go, unless the rain stops. CK 1 Tom never speaks unless spoken to. CK 1 Don't speak unless you're spoken to. CK 1 You won't be in time unless you run.
  5. Unless means the same as if not. Like if, unless is followed by a present tense, a past tense, or a past perfect tense (never by a conditional). Unless is used instead of if not in conditional sentences of all types. The order of the clauses doesn't matter with sentences using unless.
  6. Unless keeps you from drowning in the presiding arrangements." Reta (not Rita - Shields obviously read Derrida) Winters is 44, works as a translator and writer, is married to a doctor, has three daughters and a golden retriever named Pet, and li "Unless is the worry word of the English language/5(K).
  7. May 08,  · Unless He were omnipotent, we could not be sure of His ability to bless us. Except if; used with hypothetical conditionals. , The Naval Chronicle for Containing a General and Biographical History of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom with a Variety of Original Papers on Nautical Subjects. Vol.
  8. Unless is not narrative crumble. It is the last word of an accomplished author with five children and terminal cancer. Unless did more than take me inside the mind of a mother in grief. It made me wonder whether we are so trapped by our history that, in the end, Reviews:
  9. Synonyms for unless at pleasirluxingberscakosnamofarmcornli.xyzinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for unless.